What To Do On A Weekend Trip To Atlanta

If you only have a weekend to spend in Atlanta, you'll want to make the very best of it. With so little time, you'll likely be tempted to cram in as much action as possible and try to take in more attractions than would normally fit in one weekend's schedule. Scale down and give proper attention to the few attractions you can make time for. In Atlanta, we always seek quality over quantity. That said, there is always an abundance of events and happenings to take in here in Atlanta. If you can plan your activities ahead of time, you'll see the benefit. Check out what events and parties are taking place on your Atlanta weekend and schedule your attraction-viewing around those that catch your interest.

Find Event Listings Online

To see what events are upcoming in Atlanta, head over to Atlanta's city site. Here, you'll find regularly updated calendars full of festivals, events, activities, hot spots, etc. in Atlanta. Take your pick, and have a blast.

Atlanta's Festivals

Atlanta regularly hosts music, food, dance, culture, and theater festivals, year-round. If you happen to be visiting us during any of these festivals, make sure you jump in. We thrive on community and aim to make everyone feel like they're home. People visit from all over the world to participate in our Caribbean Carnival, where we celebrate our Caribbean heritage and culture with great enthusiasm! Come see the bright costumes, dance, eat, and have fun. If you're visiting during the last weekend in May, then our Caribbean Carnival should be top of your list of things to do.

Take In An Event & A Site

If there are no festivals on during your weekend stay, then make sure to check out some of our numerous events happening all over the city. There are regularly events held at many of the top attractions listed in our top 5 attractions list as well. You can do a quick tour of some of these highlighted spots and then take in a concert at Centennial Olympic Park, or see fireworks at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, or see the Atlanta Falcons play a game. You're unlikely to find that there isn't something extraordinary happening even during your short stay with us.

Atlanta Eats

Of course, when time is a consideration, you want to make sure you're filling your schedule with experiences that really deliver the authentic Atlanta experience. What better way to experience Atlanta than to try some of our incredible food? There is no shortage of good food here, so whatever restaurant you pick, you'll likely have an enjoyable experience. If you're looking for the best Atlanta eats experience, however, you must treat yourself to some home-cooking at Paschal's Restaurant, or Gladys Knight and Ron Winans' Chicken & Waffles. For more of our top restaurants in and around the Atlanta Airport, check out our list here.