Keep Your Car Secure While Long Term Parking With These Tips

If you are planning to leave your vehicle while you vacation for an extended period of time, generally the most secure option is to utilize a reliable long term parking service. Our Atlanta Airport Parking Lot is very secure, with constant monitoring and surveillance, but there are always things that you can do for yourself to ensure your car is secure while you are away. We have a few easy tips to help keep your car secure while away.

Double Check Your Vehicle

Sometimes the most threatening aspects of long term parking have to do with the state of your car. Things such as forgetting to turn off the lights or leaving the parking brake off or parking on a curb or object can do the most damage to your car, left for a long time in this state. Before you leave your vehicle for your vacation, double check that none of these things have occurred, and you will return to a happy, healthy car.

Avoid Theft Temptation

It's very unlikely that your vehicle will be broken into when you park in a reliable long term parking lot; however, it's prudent to always take extra precaution where you can. If you are street parking or parking in a residential garage, you will especially want to heed this advice. Remove all temptation for thieves by hiding any valuables or electronics. This may seem common sense, but sometimes we can get in the habit of driving around with essential electronics nearby and forget they may incite theft. Have a look around your vehicle for any items you may have missed before you leave it to park. This includes taking the change out from inside cupholders, etc.

Counterintuitively, security accessories like steering wheel locks may incite burglaries, as they suggest potential wealth. Make your vehicle look as plain as possible to stay under the radar.

Leave It Clean

It may be the last thing you think of if you keep your vehicle in good maintenance, but even the meticulously clean can miss a few food items that get tracked under the seat. Of course, it's no fun to return from a nice, relaxing vacation to a car full of rotten food stink. Make sure to avoid leaving any garbage or old food in your vehicle before leaving it for long periods of time. This is especially important if you are street parking in the sun. Not only does food create stink, but it can also attract animals to crawl into your vehicle, raising a whole other host of problems. Easily avoid this potential mess with a bit of extra care.

If you decide to use street parking or a less secure parking garage instead of a reliable long term parking lot such as ours, then you put your vehicle at extra risk. Carefully consider whether it is worth the risk to you and please note that these tips may not prevent theft or damage if you do opt for the former two options. Happy parking!