Top 10 Reasons You Need To Visit Atlanta Now

If you haven't given thought to visiting Atlanta, now is the time to do so. You may not think of Atlanta as a top tourist destination or a place to go to escape, but Atlanta is absolutely worth the visit. We've compiled our list of 10 (well, 9, but one bears repeating) top reasons why you need to visit Atlanta.

1. Food

Incredible food is baked into the culture of the Atlanta community. There are no bad choices and always an abundance of option in terms of good eateries. You need to experience the Atlanta culinary world at least once in your life.

2. Music

Atlanta is the hometown of so many talented musical artists, like Cee Lo Green, Usher, and Ludacris, and new talent is being born every day. Come to Atlanta for the fantastic musical scene. No matter when you visit, you are sure to find a concert or music festival to attend.

3. Culture (Community Pockets)

Though Atlanta now has a widespread public transit system, for years it has been known as a drivable city. This has meant the city is divided up into different pockets of culture and community. You can have a vastly different experience of Atlanta just based on which community you visit.

4. Civil Rights History

Hometown of the venerable Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta has an incredibly important role in the rich history of the American Civil Rights movement. All Americans should come to Atlanta at some point in their lives to connect with this important historical city.

5. Street Art

Atlanta inspires great talent in their citizens, and this is obvious in the numerous and colorful street art that graces the city. Walk the city and check out the various expressions of Atlanta artists.

6. Festivals

There is always something happening in Atlanta, no matter what time of year. There are always countless music festivals, food festivals, street parties, and events happening all throughout the year here. It's as if the whole city is constantly partying.

7. Outdoors

Though parts of Atlanta may seem like sprawling concrete jungles, the city actually boasts a number of fantastic outdoor green spaces. It is a great place to get out and be active amidst the beauty of nature (and then check out what events are happening indoors).

8. Attractions

All cities have their tourist attractions that locals avoid like the plague. In Atlanta, these attractions are actually worth the visit, whether foreigner or local. They also offer discounts to visit multiple attractions for cheaper.

9. People

The people of Atlanta deserve a mention in this list. Though a fairly large city, Atlanta has a small town feel when it comes to the hospitality of its community. The people here are friendly and accommodating and make any visitor feel welcome.

10. Food Again!

Yes, we've mentioned the food, but we'd be remiss to not stress this point. Come to Atlanta to eat!