Long Term Parking Is The Safer Option For Vacation, And Here's Why

If you're trying to decide what to do with your vehicle while you're on vacation, you may want to consider a long term parking option. Unless you've got a private, closed garage for your vehicle, you are likely taking a safety gamble with your vehicle while you leave it to go on vacation. Instead of worrying about your car's safety street parking it for a week or more, or hoping no one in your building backs into your car again, why not look into a safe and secure long term parking solution? It's actually much safer and more secure to entrust your vehicle to a reliable long term parking lot while it's not in use, and we will tell you why.

The Increased Security Of Long Term Parking Lots

Firstly, in long term parking lots like ours, there are regular security checks and lots of visibility. Any potential threats to your vehicle are reduced both by the ability for security staff to observe the threat and respond, and also in the perceived surveillance that acts as a deterrent. In your home parking garage or street parking, it's more likely that someone could deduce you are away and seize the opportunity to break into your car. Car thieves will often observe neighborhoods in search for consistent parking patterns. A vehicle that is regularly parked in the same spot for long periods of time becomes an easier target for break-ins. This is especially true for street parking, but can also be true of underground parking lots in residential compounds. Often the security staffing available in residential buildings doesn't consistently extend to the parking area. Even if it does, it's unlikely that incidents involving neighbors absentmindedly damaging your vehicle will be noticed by staff and rectified. In long term parking lots such as ours, the lot is secured and vehicles are constantly surveilled and protected from threat. It makes more sense to entrust your vehicle with staff that can take care of it while you are away.

Parking Lots Protect Against Environmental Threats

Natural or environmental threat is also a concern when you don't use long term parking services. If you have a covered garage, you're set, but even if you park your car in an underground residential parking lot, you are not immune to environmental risks. Often in residential parking lots, maintenance staff pay little heed to concerns for property. If your vehicle is in the way of construction or cleaning work to be done, they will work around it and show the frustrations of their inconvenience. With street parking, your vehicle is always at the mercy of environmental whims or the competence (or lack thereof) of fellow drivers passing by daily. At our lot, all vehicles are protected from the elements and we strictly enforce safe and responsible parking from our members. Spots are spaced widely so that customers are never at risk of hitting other vehicles, and you also have the option to have your car washed to maintain it.

There are a few options for long term parking Atlanta Airport adjacent, but not all parking lots can offer the level of security that we do at our Atlanta Airport Parking Lot. We understand that you don't want to be worrying about your vehicle while you are trying to enjoy your vacation away, and we dedicate ourselves to making sure this concern is eliminated for you. We also happen to be the least expensive Atlanta Airport parking solution (in case you need more incentive).