How To Find Parking In Atlanta

Atlanta parking is a hot topic these days. There appears to be an overabundance of parking where there isn't a need, and often a shortage where there is a great need. Downtown Atlanta is known for numerous surface parking lots that tend to remain at low occupancy. This is good news for the tourist looking to take in multiple attractions downtown, though not as great for locals desiring more retail development that would accommodate foot traffic. The City seeks to raise awareness of parking availability to get drivers parking in lots rather than using up street parking and causing more traffic slows. In the meantime, if you're looking to take a trip to downtown Atlanta and take in a few different activities, then this abundance of parking lots obviously works in your favor.

The Cost Of Atlanta Parking

The unfortunate reality of Atlanta parking is that it can get fairly costly. Most parking lots downtown will charge you $3 each 15 minutes or around $20 for the entire day. If you're only looking for a short term parking option, prices can be a disincentive. Instead, it's likely more worth your time and money to park for the day and make it a day-long excursion. What about affordable solutions for Atlanta residents or people who travel in to Atlanta for work? This isn't a cheap solution.

How To Save On Parking In Atlanta

If you are regularly traveling into Atlanta and find you are spending buckets of cash on long-term parking, check out our Atlanta Airport Parking Lot services. We offer secure, long-term parking solutions at the least expensive rates -- only $8 daily. This can save you a lot of money if you frequently seek Atlanta Airport long term parking. If you need to get into the city, buses or carpooling can be a much cheaper option when you take advantage of our affordable rates.

Atlanta Parking Tips

Tourists will also want to be cautious about parking diligence. In Atlanta, parking enforcement officers are very strict and will ticket or even boot or tow when cars are parked outside designated spots or after the meter has run out. This can be an expensive lesson to learn and is further incentive to utilize our private and secure parking lot, where these concerns are moot. Either way, you'll always want to check parking spot availability before you head downtown. You're likely to find vacancies, but it's easier to check ahead and be certain than to drive from lot to lot searching.

Atlanta can be a tricky place when it comes to parking, but it doesn't have to be. The majority of Atlantans drive solo around the city and find parking where they can, which is usually in street parking spots. If you have patience and a map, you can find lots of available parking and avoid the stress of finding a place for your vehicle. If you want to save, and want to be close to Atlanta Airport, check out our parking at Atlanta Airport service.