Want To Travel In Atlanta For Cheap? Here Are Our Tips

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world. This, of course, means daily flights to all across the world regular opportunities for cheap last minute flights. If you're an adventurous type with a flexible schedule, you can take advantage of this fact and find a lot of cheap, last minute travel opportunities. If you're interested in flying locally, you'll be happy to discover that you can fly from Atlanta to many places in the United States for $50-100. If you're looking to broaden your horizons and see the world outside of the United States, you'll likely have to be a bit more strategic, but it's easy once you've learned an effective search method.

Pick Local Airlines

Atlanta Airport has a number of local airlines offering local and international flights out of its grounds; keep the local airlines in mind when finding a cheap last minute flight. Usually the local airlines can offer cheaper flights, especially when you're flying economy (though often they will have highly discounted first class tickets for the truly last minute opportunities). Try and sign up for email lists with these airlines to get direct notification of deals and discounts.

Try A Travel Agent

As accustomed as we've become with doing all our buying and other interactions online, sometimes the cheaper option is to connect in realtime with another individual: a travel agent. It may seem counterintuitive to get a middle man involved when you're looking to spend as little as possible on airfare, but surprisingly, travel agents may save you a lot of money on your vacation. They have access to higher discounts that aren't offered to the public. They may be able to get you "last-minute rates" months in advance, so you can plan your vacation on your own time with less stress and more savings.

Search Privately Online

If you do take to the internet to buy your flight, make sure you do so discreetly. Search in private browser windows, as many travel booking websites will use cookies to track your history and present you with inflated rates depending on your history or location. These websites will regularly increase flight pricing with each repeated search as a "scarcity" tactic to compel you to book your flight sooner. It may seem like a paranoid assumption, but this is a widely cited tactic of travel websites.

Be Flexible To Save Money

Always be flexible about travel times and dates. Certain days of the week are more expensive to fly because of the increased demand. Pick the cheapest day to fly and you'll save up to hundreds of dollars simply for a compromise in convenience. The most expensive flight day in Atlanta is Saturday, so avoid departing this day if you can. Typically, the best deals on flights are offered last minute, when airlines need to fill seats in planes about to depart. This means, either being very open to all possible travel destinations, days or hours before you depart, or possibly missing the opportunity to travel to your ideal destination because the discounted flight option never appeared. Flexibility is very important!

If this is not possible or desirable for you, then you can save money in the ways we listed above. Sometimes there's no way to get discounted flights for the trip you want to take and you simply have to decide if the experience is worth the cost. For many, the answer is always "yes" and we would agree. Of course, there's a great thrill to the spontaneity and adventure of last minute travel planning.