Navigate Atlanta Airport: Map & Information

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. We have identified key map considerations for you below, but please refer to their website or call a representative for the most accurate information before your flight.

Keep in mind that each Concourse level includes multiple washrooms, various restaurants and retail shops, Automated Emergency Defibrillators, financial services and telephones, and a Delta Sky Club lounge. All even numbered gates are located on the West side of each Concourse, and the odd numbered gates on the East side.

The Domestic Terminal of Atlanta Airport is accessible on the third level (the Atrium is located here), and all gates are located at the East end. The Skytrain entrance is at the West end. All domestic flights are organized by North or South Airline Terminals. Airlines included in the "North" designation include AirTran, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Silver Airways, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, United, and US Airways. The "South" designations include Alaska Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

Find Atlanta Airport Gates Alphabetically By Concourse

  • All "T" gates are located on Concourse-T, which connects to the Domestic Terminal on the West (in the middle of the terminal), and all other Concourses on the East (in the middle of the terminal). You will also find Airline clubs and lounges in this terminal, including American Airlines Admirals Club and Delta Sky Club.
  • Concourse-A is accessible from the elevators at the East end of Concourse-T, which opens to the West end of Concourse-A. Access to Concourses B, C, D, E, and F is at the East end. All "A" gates are located in Concourse-A. There is an upper level Concourse-A, accessed near the West end escalators/elevators. The smoking lounge and Delta Sky Club are located on this upper level, as well as two restaurants.
  • Find all the "B" gates in Concourse-B, above Concourse-A. Concourses C, D, E, and F are accessible at the East end, and Concourses A, T, and the Domestic Terminal are accessible at the West side.
  • Concourse-C is located above B, and includes all "C" gates.
  • Concourse-D includes all "D" gates and access to the other Concourses. You will also find a United Club lounge on this level, located between Gates D10 and D12. The upper level is accessed near Gate D21, and includes a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and other services.
  • Concourse-E is at the mezzanine level and here you will find all "E" gates, as well as access to the International Terminal (Concourse-F) at the East end.

Concourse-F is the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal, connected to the main ATL Airport. Made in 2000, the International Terminal, or Concourse-F, connects with Concourse E via a walkway opening on the mezzanine level. "F" Gates and Departure "D" gates are located on the level below the mezzanine, with Arrival "A" gates located on the level below this. Parking and shuttle bus services are available to the north from the Departure and Arrival levels. The International Terminal was designed with an emphasis on passenger comfort, with lots of light through the glass walls, and gently sloping levels. The International Terminal is LEED-certified as well.